Malay Wedding Venue

Weddings truly bring out the organisational skills in a couple, challenging them to complete a million things for the big day while working a full-time job. By nature, the wedding venue is one of the essential aspects of the event and it is perhaps the first step to planning a wedding – without a venue, a wedding wouldn’t be able to proceed!

However, there could be a tendency for couples to follow solely by their heart when it comes to planning for this major milestone in their lives. Depending on each couple’s financial capabilities, wants and needs, the dream location may not necessarily be the right one for their situation.

Why is choosing the right location important?

1. Stay within budget
2. Ensures seamless event flow
3. Capture priceless moments
4. Catering the right meals to guests
5. Enjoying the ambience

With that said, it is crucial for couples to lockdown their wedding location, and not just any location. The right location. Looking for more on how to pick a venue? You can find our list of tips and tricks to find the best wedding location in Singapore right here! Not sure where to start looking for a venue? Here is our ultimate wedding venue guide with six different genres of locations to pick from:

Top 10 community clubs in Singapore

With rising affluence in Singapore, it is no wonder that couples are drifting away from weddings at the convenience of void decks and are willing to pay more for an air-conditioned, exclusive and dreamy wedding. As wedding packages at hotels can be a little expensive, the next best thing would have to be community clubs!

Community clubs provides a cool environment for all and basic facilities such as clean restrooms. Some venues have an outdoor basketball court where couples can book to turn their wedding into a semi-alfresco dining setting too. Unlike other places, community clubs allows you to use open fires to heat up your food before serving to guests. The only requirement you would have to fulfil is to pay space rent (if any) and set up a tent at your own cost.

Tip of the day: if you’re not a Passion Card member yet, do sign up before you book any of these venues because for a small registration fee of $12, you will be able to get special member rates that can save you hundreds of dollars! After all, saving costs is something any couple would want to do while planning for their big day.

Without further ado, here is our list of the top 10 community clubs in Singapore:

ACE The Place Community Club

Malay Wedding Venue - Ace The Place Community Centre
Image by Simplifai

ACE The Place has to be one of the most modern looking community clubs in Singapore till date. The air-conditioned hall can fit up to 400 guests in a round-table seating, with enough space for the buffet lines on the side. Do note that couples will have to book the venue 6 months in advance from the date of the wedding, and couples will have to pay a $1000 security deposit which can be refunded a month after the event. A cleaning fee of $400 is mandatory as well. Couples who wish to set up their decorations the day before can do so at an additional fee.

Address: 120 Woodlands Avenue 1, 739069
Timing: Full day (9.30AM – 9.30PM)
Price: $2200 (Non Passion Card members), $1900 (Passion Card members)
Website: ACE The Place CC

Canberra Community Club

Malay Wedding Venue - Canberra Community Centre
Image by Simplifai

Canberra Community Club is located just a short walk away from Sembawang MRT Station and several nearby bus stops. At this community club, its hall can accommodate up to a maximum of 40 tables (10 person) in a round-table seating but it is advisable to have only 35-38 tables so that it will be spacious enough for guests and the couple to walk around. Couples are required to book 9 months in advance and place a refundable security deposit of $1500 as well as a mandatory $428 cleaning fee. The management cited previous incidents when couples do not get their money back is because the decorators staple pieces onto their stage, which can be costly to repair. So yes, do coordinate closely with your planner to ensure this doesn’t happen to you!

Address: 2 Sembawang Crescent, #01-01, 757632
Timing: Full day (12-hours booking)
Price: $2500 (Non Passion Card members), $2200 (Passion Card members)
Website: Canberra CC

Chong Pang Community Club

Malay Wedding Venue - Chong Pang Community Centre
Image by Simplifai

Another venue couples living in Yishun can consider is Chong Pang Community Club. As compared to the other community clubs so far, this venue has the lowest security deposit of $600 and cleaning fee of $200 which will be better for those with a tight budget. It also has the shortest advance booking period of 5 months before the wedding but the management cited that it is best that once the date of the wedding is settled, give them a call to secure your booking ASAP as the hall is a popular venue for weddings and community events. Best of all, the hall is really spacious as it can fit up to 500 guests in a round-table seating comfortably. No more squeezing!

Address: 21 Yishun Ring Road, Singapore 768677
Timing: Full day (9.30AM – 9PM)
Price: $2000
Website: Chong Pang CC

Bukit Batok East Community Centre

Malay Wedding Venue - Bukit Batok East Community Centre
Image by Simplifai

West siders, you are not forgotten! Bukit Batok East Community Club’s Multi-Purpose Hall is a perfect place for any couple with a guestlist of 340-350 people. Couples can expect to pay a $500 security deposits and $250 cleaning fee which includes tidying the area as well as clearing leftovers in drainages. Although their standard package provides 4 hours of exclusivity, couples can extend their event with an additional fee of $100 per hour. Do note that the club does not tolerated overnight cooking and if this rule is breached, security deposit will be forfeited.

Address: 23 Bukit Batok East Ave 4, Singapore 659841
Timing: 4-hours booking
Price: From $1000
Website: Bukit Batok East CC

West Coast Community Club

Malay Wedding Venue - West Coast Community Centre
Image by AGA Architects

The only time we see big fans in Singapore is at the MRT and LRT stations, but now we can enjoy a cool breeze or an air-conditioned setting in West Coast Community Club. The club’s hall can accommodate 400 guests in a round-table seating, but it would be advisable to have a guestlist smaller than 400 guests so that it will be more comfortable for all. Do note that no live cooking is allowed and the management advices couples to engage a caterer instead. The security deposit is unclear, but couples can expect to pay $200 compulsory cleaning fees.

Address: 2 Clementi West St 2, #01-02, Singapore 129605
Timing: Full day (9.30AM – 5.30PM)
Price: $1200 (off peak), $1400 (peak)
Website: West Coast CC

Kampong Ubi Community Club

Malay Wedding Venue - Kampong Ubi Community Centre
Image by Simplifai

Kampong Ubi is situated just across Eunos MRT Station, where there is an open air car park for your guests to park if there aren’t enough lots in the club. This community club’s hall is best suited for a small guestlist of up to 300 people in a round-table seating. Couples have to book the venue 6 months in advance, and the security deposit for this location is $300 which is the same price as its mandatory cleaning fee. Setting up the venue the day before will is to be done between 4pm to 10pm but if 6 hours is not enough, couples can extend the duration at $50 per hour.

Address: 10 Jalan Ubi, Singapore 409075
Timing: Full day (9AM – 9PM)
Price: $2000 (Non Passion Card members), $1700 (Passion Card members)
Website: Kampong Ubi CC

Kampong Glam Community Club

Malay Wedding Venue - Kampong Glam Community Centre
Image by The Chic Wedding

The first thing that comes to a Singaporean’s mind at the mention of Kampong Glam would be Masjid Sultan, but that’s not the place we are talking about today. Kampong Glam Community Club can accommodate up to 400 guests in a round-table seating, but preferably fewer guests would be better to ensure everyone is comfortable. The security deposit for the community club’s hall is $250 with a compulsory cleaning fee of $200. Unlike other community clubs, Kampong Glam Community Club charges venue rental by the hour, and the same rate is applied for pre-wedding set-up.

Address: 385 Beach Road, Singapore 199581
Timing: 4-hours, extendable with fee
Price: $880 for 4-hours
Website: Kampong Glam CC

Queenstown Community Club

Malay Wedding Venue - Queenstown Community Centre
Image by Cahaya Nanie

Queenstown Community Club is sandwiched between Commonwealth and Queenstown MRT Station, and it is also surrounded by several bus stops within proximity. Couples are advised to book the venue 6 months in advance, and couples are required to place a $400 security deposit upon making the booking. Do note that for kompang and other live music entertainment, the venue requires proof of COMPASS permit before the event day. Catering is also highly advisable and a guestlist of 300 people in a round-table seating will be comfortable.

Address: 365 Commonwealth Avenue, Singapore 149732
Timing: Full day
Price: $2200
Website: Queenstown CC

Fuchun Community Club

Malay Wedding Venue - Fuchun Community Centre
Image by Misyaz Bridal & Wedding

Fuchun Community Club is probably one of the cosiest community clubs in Singapore. This venue can accommodate a small guestlist of up to 250 people in a round-table seating. Couples can expect to place a $1000 security deposit and pay a mandatory cleaning fee as well. Its best for couples to book the venue at least 6 months in advance as this is yet another popular venue for Malay weddings. One of the best news is that there is no rental fee for the cooking and cleaning space behind the hall, but couples would have to set up their own tents at additional cost.

Address: 1 Woodlands Street 31, Singapore 738581
Timing: Full day (9AM – 9PM)
Price: $1500
Website: Fuchun CC

Yuhua Community Club

Yuhua Community Centre - Malay Wedding Venue
Image by N2A Wedding Story

Yuhua Community Club is situated a street down from Chinese Garden – a great place to have your wedding photoshoot with your bridesmaids and groomsmen! The community club’s multi-purpose hall can accommodate up to 300 people in a round-table seating, which is suitable for a small guestlist of family and friends. Couples can also expect to pay a security deposit as well as a compulsory cleaning fee. Do note that tents for washing and cooking will have to be outsourced, and pre-event day decoration set up will be at an additional cost.

Address: 90 Boon Lay Way, Singapore 609958
Timing: Full day
Price: $2000
Website: Yuhua CC

13 cafes and restaurants to host your wedding

Cafes and restaurants in Singapore are more commonly known places for weddings of couples from other ethnic backgrounds. As compared to hosting weddings at the convenience of void decks or community centres, weddings at cafes and restaurants are priced a lot higher to compensate for business lost from casual diners to host the wedding, and they are perceived to be inflexible.

In light of these differences, cafes and restaurants are able to provide an ambience that void decks and community centres cannot replicate. Furthermore, by having your wedding in a food establishment, it would have already settled an important aspect of the celebration and the place will always be spic and span. However, like hotels, most restaurants that have wedding services are not Halal-certified, which is a huge concern when it comes to hosting Malay weddings. Nevertheless, I believe that there will be more establishments that will be able to meet these dietary needs in the future. For now, here’s a list of 13 cafes and restaurants for you to consider for your big fat wedding:

21 on Rajah

21 on Rajah
Image by 21 on Rajah

21 on Rajah is one of the most popular Halal-certified restaurants in Singapore. In this restaurant, couples would not have to worry about decorations as there are two theme selections to choose from – a Twilight Romance or the Garden of Love. The wedding menu is flexible, ranging from $48++ to $68++ per person. Do note that there is a minimum guestlist of 120 people required to attend the reception before securing the location for the joyous event. Usually when it comes to restaurants, couples may worry that it would be cramped but 21 on Rajah assures that there is enough space for kompang and the pelamin.

Address: 1 Jalan Rajah, Days Hotel Singapore at Zhongshan Park
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: ~$9,600 to ~$13,600 for 200 guests
Website: 21 on Rajah

The Landmark

The Landmark
Image and décor by Sentimentals

A rooftop view of Bugis by the pool just screams class! At The Landmark, guests can dine semi-alfresco style as the dining tables spill out from the air-conditioned interiors on to the courtyard right beside the pool. This Halal-certified establishment provides four different packages to choose from depending on the length of your guestlist; the more people you invite, the cheaper it is per person. However, do note that the package settles mostly for catering and basic logistics such as PA system, reception table, cake table and VIP table with service. Couples would have to engage external vendors for decorations and additional audio system support.

Address: 390 Victoria Street, #05-01, Village Hotel Bugis, Singapore 188061
Timing: Lunch (11.30AM – 4PM) / Dinner (6.30PM – 11PM)
Price: ~$13,500 for 250 guests, excluding décor
Website: The Landmark


Image by TripAdvisor

Want to dine in a fancy ambience? AquaMarine should be one of the choices on your list! Several Malay weddings have been known to be held in this seafood heaven. If you have guests who are allergic to seafood, the Halal-certified restaurant also provides an array of other cuisines for all to enjoy. Besides serving a variety of quality dishes, AquaMarine has also been commended time and time again for its excellent service – something that is highly valued for any wedding. Staffs pay incredible attention to detail and go the extra mile to ensure that the celebration goes smoothly.

Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard Marina Square, Singapore 039594
Timing: Lunch/Dinner
Price: Undisclosed
Website: AquaMarine

Pondok Gurame Indonesian Restaurant

Pondok Gurame Indonesian Restaurant
Image and décor by Sentimentals

Not to be confused with a similarly named venue, Pondok Gurame sits in the comforts of Civil Service Club Changi. This Indonesian restaurant offers four different wedding packages for couples to choose from – Basic, Silver, Gold and Platinum. However, with this one, the package concept is a little different; the Basic package is the cheapest per guest but with a high minimum guestlist. On the other end of the spectrum, the Platinum package focuses on bringing more options to fewer guests. Do take note that the package states the venue rental and catering separately, and only basic decoration is provided. Other services such as live grilling stations will be charged at additional costs.

Address: No 2 Netheravon Road, #04-03, Changi Civil Service Club
Timing: 6-hour exclusivity
Price: $33,000 – $34,000, following min. guests stated (inclusive of weekend venue rental)
Website: Pondok Gurame

Asian Market Cafe

Asian Market Cafe
Image by Nanny Eliana

Asian Market Café has been actively expanding its services to cater to Malay weddings, hosting the Prestigious Malay Wedding Show in 2017. In their latest Muslim wedding package proposal, it shows that almost everything will be taken care of – Halal-certified food? Check. Decorations? Check. Audio systems? Check. Cake? Check. Other perks that are way too long to be listed? Check. Couples would practically have to worry about outfits to wear and only need to remember to bring themselves, their family and guests, and their Mak Andam on the day itself!

Address: 80 Bras Basah Road, Fairmont, 178882
Timing: Lunch/Dinner
Price: ~$17,400 – $23,400 for 300 guests
Website: Asian Market Cafe

Royal Palm

Royal Palm
Image and décor by Sentimentals

Similar to the other venues listed thus far, Royal Palm at Orchid Country Club offers four different packages to suit any couple’s budget and needs. Although no minimum guestlist has been stated in their packages, the price ranges between $29++ to $58++ per person. With Royal Palm, all aspects of a Malay wedding will be planned out for you: outfits, hair and make-up, decoration, and catering. Probably, at an additional cost, couples can choose to engage a photographer from Royal Palm’s list of partners to capture everlasting memories.

Address: 1 Orchid Club Road, #01-21/22, Social Clubhouse, 769162
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: ~$8,700 – $17,400 for 300 guests
Website: Royal Palm at Orchid Country Club

The Halia

The Halia
Image by Bride Story

Dining in The Halia is wonderful on its own, imagine having your wedding there! The Halia, known as “Ginger Garden”, is a small quaint location that is able to accommodate a maximum of 210 guests. Despite the small capacity and a slightly hefty price tag, the staff and planners with The Halia has extremely high attention to detail, leaving almost no room for mistakes. Furthermore, the food catered at The Halia steers away from any conventional wedding cuisine and instead, whips up a Western line of dishes to celebrate a happy marriage.

Address: 1 Cluny Road, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore 259569
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: ~$16,170 – $32,760
Website: The Halia

Charisma D’Venue

Charisma D’Venue
Image by Venuerific

Charisma D’Venue is one of the popular venues for Malay weddings. After all, this place is one of the few that is dedicated solely for this purpose. The venue offers three different packages, namely the Economy, Silver, and Platinum packages suited for different couples in Singapore. In addition, Charisma D’Venue has a special Bridal package that includes Mak Andam services, outfits as well as photographers exclusively for your wedding. Although no minimum guestlist has been stated, it would be good to clarify the terms and conditions of each package before proceeding with the deals.

Address: 37/39 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427761/427763
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: ~$10,500 – $18,000
Website: Charisma D’Venue

Desa Kartika

Desa Kartika
Image by Desa Kartika

Desa Kartika is one of the few restaurant locations in the city district that hosts wedding events. Their website shares a basic wedding package at $29++ per person which includes catering, basic decorations for dais and reception area, audio system, and dressing rooms. As seen in the picture, the dais seems a little small. Not to worry, contact Desa Kertika for more exclusive packages and customisations. Couples can also make their way down to the office to have a free wedding consultation with their wedding planners. The location requires a non-refundable deposit of $1000, which is not a small sum so it is highly advisable to plan carefully and thoroughly.

Address: #04-13/15 Centrepoint, 176 Orchard Road, Singapore 238843
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: ~$8,700 for 300 guests
Website: Desa Kartika

Hajah Maimunah

Hajah Maimunah
Image by Hjh Maimumnah

Hjh Maimunah is one of the popular eateries within the Malay community. Mention this name to any Malay person and they will surely go,”Oh I know that place!”. However, not many know that this restaurant in Joo Chiat also hosts wedding events. However, due to the short 3-hours exclusivity, this place would be better suited for couples with short guestlists so that everyone can partake in the celebration without being left outside waiting for seats. The package comes with the necessities a Malay wedding needs, but couples are advised to engage their own photographers and decorators for a more wholesome wedding.

Address: 20 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427357
Timing: 3-hours exclusivity
Price: ~$10,050 – $17,400 for 200 and 400 guests respectively
Website: Hjh Maimunah

Lagun Sari

Lagun Sari
Image by Lagun Sari

Lagun Sari is another venue that is made especially for Malay weddings in Singapore. With more than 20 years of experience on their belt, couples can surely trust this company to pull off a good show. The company offers four different packages that caters to different needs, specifically checking if couples have already secured other aspects of the wedding. If couples come in from ground zero, Lagun Sari has a special package that includes everything a bride and groom may need. Nevertheless, the planners at Lagun Sari are open to discuss customisable options.

Address: 381 Joo Chiat Road, #04-00 Lagun Sari Building, Singapore 427621
Timing: 12PM – 4PM / 6PM – 10PM
Price: Undisclosed
Website: Lagun Sari


Image by Mamanda

Mamanda is a yellow, 173-year-old historical mansion that celebrates the era of Malay cultural refinement, social elegance and general prosperity. After maintenance works were done, it opened its doors as restaurant, catering to the needs of Malay weddings. Mamanda currently has three different wedding packages, all of which will take care of catering and the necessary decorations as well as logistics for you and your partner. However, each package is priced with very slim variation, so if its within the budget to go for the most elegant one, go for it!

Address: 73 Sultan Gate S198497
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: ~$16,714 – $21,199 for 299 guests
Website: Mamanda


Image by Chope

Located within Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore, StraitsKitchen boasts an enormous 500-capacity seating – a space much needed for most, if not all, wedding facilitations. The Halal-certified restaurant is not a stranger to weddings, hosting weddings for couples from different ethnic backgrounds. Furthermore, StraitsKitchen is ranked high for its service, food as well as ambience, all of which to make the perfect wedding. Although the wedding packages are not publicly available, the planners will be more than happy to assist you and your partner through a personalised plan for your big day.

Address: 10 Scotts Road, Lobby Level, Grand Hyatt Singapore, 228211
Timing: Lunch/Dinner
Price: Undisclosed
Website: Straits Kitchen

18 Mosques with Wedding Services

Weddings in mosques are rare, especially with the younger generation. Perhaps one of the reasons that many couples prefer holding their weddings in neutral places such as hotels or restaurants is because they want to ensure that their non-Muslim guests feel comfortable and welcomed to the celebration. If you and your partner feel strongly about holding your wedding in a sacred place without compromising the comfort of your guests, there is always a way around it.

Thankfully, I had the experience of attending a wedding in a mosque for the first time late 2017. It was a simple, peaceful and intimate way to share this joyous occasion with loved ones. My colleague and her partner held their wedding over two days – the first day was in a mosque where family and Muslim friends came together, and the next day it was held at the convenience of her void deck with guests of all races and religion. However, having a 2-day wedding affair may not be favourable for some. In this case, we advise couples to state the dress code on wedding invitations for all to note.

As compared to other places in Singapore, mosques charge reasonably for venue rentals and these venues will have necessities for a wedding such as audio systems, basic decoration etc. It is noteworthy that some mosques will accommodate the nikah and walimah, and some only have space for nikah. With that, here is our list of 18 mosques with wedding services:

Nikah and Walimah


Malay Wedding Venue - Al-Mawaddah
Image by JG 1 Stop Services

Al-Mawaddah was a relatively new mosque during my early secondary school days. The mosque is conveniently situated behind Buangkok MRT Station, where there is also car parks available at a walking distance. Unlike most mosques, Al-Mawaddah provides wedding packages to suit the needs of different couples – nikah-only, basic package, and the premium package. If majority of your guestlists are Muslims, I would recommend getting the premium package as it would be able to cater to 120 guests or more, depending on how many more tables you might want to add on. Cake, décor, tables and chair set up will be taken care of, the only things you would need to prepare is wedding invites, catering, and your outfits!

Address: 151 Compassvale Bow, Singapore 544997
Timing: 5-hours exclusivity
Price: ~$3,000, premium package
Website: Al-Mawaddah


Malay Wedding Venue - Masjid Al-Islah
Image by ArchDaily

Al-Islah is a relatively new mosque in Singapore that opened its doors just three years ago. Similar to Al-Mawaddah, Al-Islah provide packages but only for venue rentals. Package A is the same as Package B, except that package A has an additional event space and additional power points. Naturally, with bigger space, the mosque will charge set-up fees to cover costs. Between the two packages, I would recommend package A for a large family and package B for a smaller family. Couples will have to engage external vendors for décor and catering.

Address: 30 Punggol Field, Singapore 828812
Timing: 4-hours exclusivity
Price: $1,000 (Package B), $1,700 (Package A)

Masjid Alkaff Kampung Melayu

Malay Wedding Venue - Masjid Alkaff Kampung Melayu
Image by Masjid Alkaff Kampung Melayu

Remember earlier on when I talked about my colleague getting married in a mosque? This was the mosque. Alkaff Kampung Melayu’s multi-purpose hall was really cosy from what I had remember; the aircon was cooling, the ambience was peaceful, and it was suitable for a small and simple celebration. Although the website says the venue can only fit 60 seated guests, it should be able to cater to about 100 people as guests usually flows in and out. The necessities are provided (tables, chairs, microphone etc), catering and decoration for the pelamin would have to be DIY-ed or outsourced to external vendors.

Address: 200 Bedok Reservoir Rd, Singapore 479221
Timing: 3-hours exclusivity (extendable with charge)
Price: $270
Website: Masjid Alkaff Kampung Melayu

Masjid An-Nahdhah

Malay Wedding Venue - Masjid An-Nahdhah
Image by Halal Trip

Masjid An-Nahdhah has perhaps one of the prettiest windows I’ve ever seen. The mosque houses several facilities available for rent, eight to be exact. Out of which, the best space for walimah is the basement where it can accommodate up to 600 guests at any one time. However, the only facilities included for the basement is a screen and a projector, which may or may not be useful. On the bright side, couples can opt to rent additional equipment such as a portable PA system if the need arises. Do note that no live cooking is allowed, and there are no refunds of deposits if couples decide to cancel the booking.

Address: 9A Bishan Street 14, Singapore 579786
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: $200 for first hour, $100 for subsequent hour or part thereof (venue only)
Website: Masjid An-Nahdhah

Masjid Ar-Raudhah

Malay Wedding Venue - Masjid Ar-Raudhah
Image by Anything Halal

Masjid Ar-Raudhah has received compliments after compliments for being one of the best mosques to host a wedding ceremony in. Out of all its event spaces, Dewan Yam on the ground floor seems to be the best option, especially if the couple expects a number of elderly guests. Although the cost for an entire day’s rental can add up to $2000, the mosque’s spaciousness, cleanliness, peacefulness, convenience and other intangible benefits make the price value for money. Do note that although a washing station can be arranged in the mosque, no live cooking is allowed on the premises due to safety reasons. As such, it would be advisable for couples to coordinate with the caterer accordingly.

Address: 30 Bukit Batok East Ave 2, Singapore 659919
Timing: Full day (9AM – 5PM)
Price: $1,400, venue only
Website: Masjid Ar-Raudhah

Masjid Al-Iman

Malay Wedding Venue - Masjid Al-Iman
Image by Yusry Prince

Masjid Al-Iman is conveniently situated between two of Bukit Panjang’s LRT stations, Pending and Bangkit. The mosques provides one area for the akad nikah and three other areas for the walimah. Out of the three, although the Auditorium has the smallest capacity, it would be the best location as it can accommodate round tables with chairs – a crucial wedding logistic. It is unclear if the Basement can accommodate round tables, possibly due to the structure and pillars. Nevertheless, Masjid Al-Iman offers a list of rentable items such as buffet tables, in case the couple needs them. As compared to other mosques, Masjid Al-Iman will be able to give a full refund if the event is cancelled more than one month prior to the date of the function.

Address: 10 Bukit Panjang Ring Rd, Singapore 679943
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: $50 for nikah venue, $200 for 1st hour and $100 for subsequent half hour (Auditorium)
Website: Masjid Al-Iman

Masjid An-Nur

Malay Wedding Venue - Masjid An-Nur
Image by Masjid An-Nur

Masjid An-Nur is the iconic blue-coloured mosque that you might pass by when on your way to Woodlands Checkpoint. This mosque provides three wedding packages to choose from – A (Nikah only), B (Nikah+Walimah for less than 300 people), and C (Nikah+Walimah for more than 300 people). The main difference between packages B and C is that C is inclusive of a simple pelamin and full day venue rental to accommodate a larger group. Do note that except for package A, the other packages would require couples to pay $100 cleaning fees to cover manpower costs to tidy up the place.

Address: 6 Admiralty Rd, Singapore 739983
Timing: 4-hours exclusivity, 8-hours exclusivity
Price: $210 (A), $1910 (B), $2250 (C)
Website: Masjid An-Nur

Masjid Al-Mukminin

Malay Wedding Venue - Masjid Al-Mukminin
Image by Anything Halal

­­Masjid Al-Mukminin is another mosque set in the West side of Singapore, within close proximity from Jurong East MRT Station. In the mosque, there are only two event spaces that are suitable for walimah, the Auditorium and the Basement. The main difference between the two is that the Auditorium has air-conditioning and a white screen. Do note that for both spaces, tables and chairs are additional charges of about $185 to accommodate 150 guests at any point of time. It is also noteworthy that the venue can only be booked at most 3 months in advance from the date of the function.

Address: 271 Jurong East Street 21, Singapore 609603
Timing: 4-hours exclusivity, extendable with charge
Price: $224 (Basement), $440 (Auditorium)
Website: Masjid Al-Mukminin

Masjid Al-Istighfar

Malay Wedding Venue - Masjid Al-Istighfar
Image by Al-Istighfar

Al-Istighfar is hidden away in the East, tucked along the roads of Pasir Ris Drive 3. As compared to the other mosques thus far, Al-Istighfar dedicated their Multi-Purpose Hall for the akad nikah and the Foyer on level 1 for walimah. A simple dais as well as the tables and chairs will be taken care of. Do note that the tables and chairs will only be made available for the buffet, the newly-weds, and the elderly/disabled guests. It is unclear if the guests will sit on the floor for walimah. This set up will be best suited for a wedding with a guestlist of 100 people or less.

Address: 2 Pasir Ris Walk, Singapore 518239
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: $500 for multi-purpose hall and foyer, venue only
Website: Masjid Al-Istighfar

Masjid Jamiyah Ar-Rabitah

Malay Wedding Venue - Masjid Jamiyah Ar-Rabitah
Image by Street Directory

Masjid Jamiyah Ar-Rabitah is a mosque situated in the Southwest of Singapore, along the roads of Tiong Bahru. Although not explicitly stated, the mosque provides venues for wedding services, mainly the prayer hall for akad nikah and the car park for walimah. Unlike other mosques, Masjid Jamiyah Ar-Rabitah’s car park has both ceiling fans as well as air-conditioning. The rental of the car park also includes a PA system, which would have been extra charges in other places. It is unclear if the mosque provides other logistics (tables, chairs etc), so it would be advisable for couples to clarify before proceeding.

Address: 601 Tiong Bahru Rd, Singapore 158787
Timing: 3-hours exclusivity, extendable with charge
Price: $500 (Car Park), $400 (Prayer Hall)
Website: Masjid Jamiyah Ar-Rabitah

Masjid Mujahidin

Malay Wedding Venue - Masjid Mujahidin
Image by AsiaOne

Masjid Mujahidin is located in the Northwest of Singapore, between Commonwealth MRT Station and Queenstown MRT Station. The mosque offers nine different event spaces to suit different occasions. For weddings, they have a non-airconditioned Multi-Purpose Hall dedicated solely for akad nikah. If you are looking to have walimah in the masjid, you can opt to book the fully air-conditioned function room, which can accommodate up to 250 people in a round-table seating. Do note that no decoration and dais will be provided, and couples will have to source from external vendors for the said logistics. However, it would be advisable to check with the mosque if they do have basic decorations for rental if you are on a tight budget.

Address: 590 Stirling Rd, Singapore 148952
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: Undisclosed
Website: Masjid Mujahidin

Masjid Maarof

Malay Wedding Venue - Masjid Maarof
Image by Suroor Asia

Masjid Maarof is one of Singapore’s newest mosques, first opening its doors two years ago. The modern architecture offers four event spaces, out of which the best one to host your walimah in is the Basement Carpark as it has an astounding capacity of up to 1000 guests. It is unclear where the akad nikah can be held but we take the assumption that it is most likely held in the Prayer Hall at a small fee or donation of any amount. It is also unclear if the mosque will be providing any logistics for the walimah but we feel that that could be arranged accordingly. Do note that the venue is on the extreme of West Singapore, looming close to NTU and perhaps a short bus ride from Boon lay or Pioneer MRT Station.

Address: 20 Jurong West Street 26, Singapore 648125
Timing: 4-hours exclusivity, extendable with charge
Price: $500 for 4-hours, $150 for subsequent hours (Basement, venue only)
Website: Masjid Maarof

Nikah only

Masjid Sultan

Malay Wedding Venue - Masjid Sultan
Image by Roots

Masjid Sultan is one of Singapore’s iconic landmarks, showcasing its grand architecture to tourists and educating interested tourists on the culture. It is also a popular place where many couples in Singapore tie the knot. As such, the mosque is strict on booking schedules when it comes to solemnisations. Only one hour is allocated to the akad nikah and there will be a penalty of $50 if the time is exceeded. Nevertheless, the ambience of a grand and sacred palace cannot be replicated anywhere else, and following the rules will guarantee a happy solemnisation.

Address: 3 Muscat St, Singapore 198833
Timing: 1-hour exclusivity
Price: $150
Website: Masjid Sultan

Masjid Darul Makmur

Malay Wedding Venue - Masjid Darul Makmur
Image by Sylvester

Masjid Darul Makmur is said to be the mosque without borders, accepting anyone that comes through their doors. In this masjid, they offer two akad nikah packages; one offers only the prayer hall rental, while the other includes light refreshments for up to 50 guests – the maximum number of guests allowed to attend the ceremony. For both packages, the duration of the ceremony will be the same at one and a half hours. It is unclear if there will be any penalty if the time exceeds the schedule. Do note that solemnisations cannot be held on Sundays or Public Holidays, as well as anytime after Maghrib.

Address: 950 Yishun Ave 2, Singapore 769099
Timing: 1.5-hours exclusivity
Price: Undisclosed
Wesbite: Masjid Darul Makmur

Masjid Assyafaah

Malay Wedding Venue - Masjid Assyafaah
Image by Masjid Assyafaah

Masjid Assyafaah is another mosque situated at almost the edge of the island, and would require guests to take a 30-minutes bus ride from either Admirealty MRT Station or Yishun MRT Station. Nevertheless, if you stay near this mosque, it will be the perfect place for you. Masjid Assyafaah offers two event spaces to host your akad nikah – the Foyer or the Multi-Purpose Hall. Between the two areas, I would recommend the Multi-Purpose Hall as it includes basic décor as well as an audio system, which is crucial for the ceremony. Do note that similar to other mosques, booking of event spaces can only be done up to 3 months in advance from the date of the ceremony.

Address: 1 Admiralty Lane, Singapore 757620
Timing: 3-hours exclusivity
Price: $250 (Foyer), $300 (Multi-Purpose Hall)

Masjid Al-Huda

Malay Wedding Venue - Masjid Al-Huda
Image by Masjid Al-Huda

Masjid Al-Huda is a small mosque situated amongst landed properties in Bukit Timah area. Similar to some other mosques listed in this article, guests would have to travel approximately 20-30 minutes by bus from near by MRT stations, namely Sixth Avenue, Tan Kah Kee, Botanic Gardens, Farrer Road, or Holland Village MRT. The mosque stated that the akad nikah will be held in the main prayer hall but couples will have to enquire about the duration and rental fees personally. There could be a possibility to have a light refreshments in their Multi-Purpose Area after the ceremony has ended, at additional costs.

Address: 34 Jln Haji Alias, Singapore 268534
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: Undisclosed
Website: Masjid Al-Huda

Masjid Kassim

Malay Wedding Venue - Masjid Kassim
Image by Kembangan-Chai Chee

Just 5-minutes away from Kembangan MRT Station, Masjid Kassim poses as a convenient location for both the couple and guests alike. Although the website does not provide any information with regards to the akad nikah, couples can expect to host their ceremonies on either Saturday or Sunday when there is less people in the area. Time slots will surely avoid prayer times and perhaps before Maghrib as well.

Address: 450 Changi Rd, Singapore 419877
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: Undisclosed
Website: Masjid Kassim

Masjid Jamae Chulia

Malay Wedding Venue - Masjid Jamae Chulia
Image by Mapio

Last but certainly not least, Masjid Jamae Chulia. This mosque is situated in the middle of Chinatown next to the Chinatown Heritage Centre and the Sri Mariamman Temple. They shared that the akad nikah will take place in the Ancillary Hall of the mosque, which assumingly is the prayer hall. They also stated that they require couples to submit the solemnisation applications at least 30 days in advance prior to the actual date. Application forms can be found on their website.

Address: 218 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058767
Timing: Undisclosed, but flexible
Price: Undisclosed
Website: Masjid Jamae Chulia

15 hotels suited for Malay weddings in Singapore

Grand, luxurious and dreamy.

Those are probably three words anyone would use to describe a wedding held in a hotel setting. While not uncommon, Malay weddings in hotels were certainly a rare sight in Singapore. In the past, Malay weddings expected endless guests as it was a tradition to invite the community to join in the celebration. To keep within the budget, expenditure for catering would have been highly prioritised over extravagant venues, to ensure that all guests were well-fed.

However, as Singaporeans become increasingly affluent, their wants and needs for a perfect wedding may evolve too. Privacy and exclusivity are some factors couples would take into consideration now when planning for the big day, resulting in a smaller guestlist to focus on. The bride and groom would then perhaps choose to invest more of their budget in quality food as well as a comfortable hotel venue for all to enjoy.

With that said, not all hotels on this little red dot would be able to host a Malay-Muslim wedding, citing business interests with in-house banquets or strict policies against external vendors. Thankfully, hope is not lost! Here is our list of 15 hotels suited for Malay weddings in Singapore:

P.S. Do note that all prices stated are rough estimates as packages in hotels change on an annual basis. It would be highly advisable to contact the hotels for accurate pricings. All prices are also subjected to 10% service charge and 7% government tax.

M Hotel

M Hotel
Image and décor by Sentimentals

M Hotel sits on the edge of Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD), with an amazing view of the city skyline. Despite the long distance from many residential areas, guests can expect to get a parking spot in a heartbeat due to low traffic on weekends. Although not much information on Malay weddings can be found on M Hotel’s website, it is known that catering and décor would be outsourced to external vendors to ensure that all dietary necessities and decorations will be met. It is recommended that couples discuss with their respective events planner and the in-house planner to curate a seamless flow.

Address: 81 Anson Rd, M Hotel Singapore, Singapore 079908
Timing: Undisclosed
Cost: Undisclosed
Website: M Hotel Singapore

Park Royal on Beach Road

Park Royal on Beach Road
Image and décor by Sentimentals

Park Royal on Beach Road is a 4-star hotel that boasts three different wedding spaces for couples to cater to different lengths of guestlists. The smallest space would be the Poolside, with a maximum seating capacity of 150 guests. Moving upwards, the Sky Ballroom and the Grand Ballroom can seat 280 and 420 guests respectively. Similar that of M Hotel, Park Royal on Beach Road’s website does not have explicit details with regards to Malay weddings. Hence, it is advisable to chat with an events planner and the hotel to customise a wedding plan that suits your needs.

Address: 7500A Beach Rd, Park Royal Hotel, Singapore 199591
Timing: Lunch/Dinner
Cost: Undisclosed
Website: Park Royal on Beach Road

Fairmont Singapore

Fairmont Hotels
Image by Fairmont Hotels

Fairmont Singapore sits right in the heart of the city centre, overlooking a mesmerising view of the Esplanade and Suntec City. The 5-star hotel does not shy away from boasting large ball rooms, decked to the nines. Although luxury hotels cater mostly to non-Muslim weddings, Fairmont Singapore is so kind to arrange prayer rooms at your guests’ convenience as well as opening another venue where the bride and groom can host their Akad Nikah. On top of that, the hotel would provide an array of Wedding Favours for couples to choose from to gift their guests. Phew, one less worry to think about!

Address: 80 Bras Basah Rd, Singapore 189560
Timing: 5-hours exclusivity (11AM – 4PM)
Cost: ~$15,000 for 200 guests, excluding catering
Website: Fairmont Singapore

Furama City Centre

Image by Singapore Brides

Furama City Centre may not be the first name that pops into a couple’s mind, but it should! Situated in Clarke Quay, this refine hotel is only mere minutes away from landmarks such as the Singapore River, Victoria Theatre, and Fort Canning Park – all excellent spots for wedding photoshoots with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. The best part: catering will be taken care of by in-house chefs. Couples would not have to scour high and low for amazing food, leaving a little more room for budget flexibility too. Furthermore, the vast menu options would leave couples spoilt for choice!

Address: 60 Eu Tong Sen Street, Singapore 059804
Timing: Undisclosed
Cost: ~$13,600 for 200 guests
Website: Furama City Centre

Hotel Fort Canning

Image by Hotel Fort Canning Singapore

Has your dream always been to hold your wedding in Hotel Fort Canning? Here’s your chance! The hotel is offering a special promotion for ballroom rental packages specifically for Malay weddings. The rental includes the provision of stage, tables, banquet chairs and other necessities for the joyous occasion. If couples would like to have their wedding in the Grand Marque instead, it would cost an additional $5,500++. Do note that the package offered is solely for venue rental, and couples would have to find their own caterers and decorators for the event. Although Hotel Fort Canning leans towards the pricey side, memories made will be priceless.

Address: 11 Canning Walk, 178881
Timing: Lunch (12PM – 4PM), Dinner (7PM – 11PM)
Cost: ~$16,000 – $18,000, excluding catering and decorations
Website: Hotel Fort Canning Singapore

Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy

Image by Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy

Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy’s wedding package is certainly a unique one. With Grand Mercure, couples can opt for a Chinese banquet-style setting served with a Chinese menu set (don’t worry, their kitchen is MUIS Halal-certified!). Couples can also choose to have Malay food served during the banquet or stick to the traditional buffet setting. Although it can be a little distant from Eunos MRT station, there is a public bus that stops directly opposite the hotel and up to 30 families will be given car park passes to help with the commute.

Address: 50 E Coast Rd, Roxy Square, Singapore 428769
Timing: 5-hour exclusivity
Cost: ~$16,500 for 300 guests
Website: Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy

Marriott Singapore Tang Plaza

Marriott Singapore Tang Plaza
Image by Qantas

Marriott Singapore Tang Plaza exudes nothing but elegance and luxury. This fancy location is conveniently situated just opposite ION Orchard – an easy landmark to identify as guests make their way there. Although non-Muslim weddings make the bulk of their business, Marriott Singapore Tang Plaza does have an in-house MUIS Halal-certified kitchen that can cater up to 150 Muslim guests in a banquet setting. If the guestlist is small and it is within budget, go ahead and splurge on this location because it truly is a beauty in the city.

Address: 320 Orchard Road, Singapore 238865
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: Undisclosed
Website: Marriott Singapore Tang Plaza

Grand Hyatt Singapore

Grand Hyatt Singapore
Image by Grand Hyatt SIngapore

Just behind Marriott Tang Plaza is Grand Hyatt Singapore – one of the island’s 5-star hotels. Grand Hyatt boasts four different event spaces, hosting anywhere between 260 to 380 guests depending on the venue. Couples will be given the power to choose the design of the table layout, from table linen to the plates to be used. Butlers will also be present to serve your guests for the day – talk about fancy! Do note that although Grand Hyatt offers a Malay menu for guests, it would be highly advisable to clarify with your wedding planners and the hotel if the kitchen is MUIS Halal-certified to avoid any dining issues during the event.

Timing: Lunch/Dinner
Price: ~$28,000 for 200 guests (Lunch)
Address: 10 Scotts Road, Singapore, 228211
Website: Grand Hyatt Singapore

Village Hotel Albert Court

Village Hotel Albert Court
Image by Weddings at Far East

Village Hotel Albert Court is one of the many Village Hotels owned by Far East Organisation. For the  Albert Court hotel, it is located in the heart of Little India with Rochor MRT stations about five minutes away on foot. The Malay wedding package includes fresh flower decorations for the reception, aisle as well as a non-alcoholic champagne fountain for the bride and groom. Guests will be able to enjoy their meal semi-alfresco style as well, which ensures that guests are comfortable during this joyous celebration.

Address: 180 Albert St, Singapore 189971
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: ~$11,000 for 200 guests, excluding catering
Website: Weddings at Far East

Village Hotel Bugis

Village Hotel Bugis
Image by Far East Hospitality

Village Hotel Bugis is similar to its sibling Village Hotel Albert Court, but it is situated closer to the city centre right next to Golden Landmark and near the famous Fluff Bakery. Unlike the Albert Court package, this package allows couples to arrange for a pelamin for a special rate without any minimum guaranteed guests. In addition, if the hotel ballroom is not your style, Village Hotel Bugis offers another option – to host the wedding in a MUIS Halal-certified buffet restaurant called Landmark Singapore.

Address: 390 Victoria St, Village Hotel Bugis, Singapore 188061
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: ~$11,000 for 200 guests
Website: Weddings at Far East

Village Hotel Katong

Village Hotel Katong
Image by Far East Hospitality

The Village Hotel Katong’s Malay wedding package is slightly pricier as compared to the previous two Village Hotels. Couples are required to invite a minimum of 300 guaranteed guests to secure the venue, charging at $58++ per guest. Despite the higher quotation, full decorations, catering and wedding favours would already be taken care of. Audio equipment will also be provided, which only leaves for the couple to set aside budget for a DJ and other necessities. However, do note that guests would be required to take a 15-minute bus ride from Dakota MRT to the wedding venue and only up to 20% of confirmed attendees will be given parking passes.

Address: 25 Marine Parade, Village Hotel Katong, Singapore 449536
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: ~$17,400 for 300 guests
Website: Weddings at Far East

Village Hotel Changi

Village Hotel Changi
Image by Far East Hospitality

Village Hotel Changi follows the same package as Village Hotel Katong, except that the one at Changi will be able to guarantee a VIP parking lot at the entrance of the hotel for the bridal car. Although it may not be a necessity to have it located at the front of house, it is always good to have convenience on your side. However, unlike its siblings, Village Hotel Changi is located in a quiet and secluded area just opposite Changi Ferry Terminal, and it would require guests to travel 40 minutes by bus from Changi Airport MRT Station. It would be highly advisable to arrange transportation if possible, so that guests would not lose their way.

Address: 1 Netheravon Rd, Village Hotel Changi, Singapore 508502
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: ~$17,400 for 300 guests
Website: Weddings at Far East

d’Pelangi @ Novotel Hotel

d’Pelangi @ Novotel Hotel
Image by d’Pelangi

Novotel Hotel has a separate venue for Malay weddings to be held in, known as d’Pelangi. The venue is a neighbour to Liang Court and Fort Canning MRT Station – convenience is key! D’Pelangi sits on the 6th floor of Novotel Hotel, overlooking an amazing city view and the Singapore River. The MUIS Halal-certified establishment does not shy away from serving non-Malay cuisines as well, with food from international to Western cultures. The package also includes a one-night stay in Novotel Hotel – a perfect time for you and your partner to relax after a hectic event!

Address: Level 6 Novotel Hotel, 177A River Valley Road, Singapore 179031
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: ~$11,800 for 300 guests
Website: d’Pelangi

Amara Singapore

Amara Singapore
Image by TripAdvisor

Amara Singapore has possibly one of the largest ballrooms in Singapore, with a capacity of 500-seater in its column-free, auditorium-style, 500-seater Grand Ballroom. Established in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD), Amara Singapore is easily accessible by both cars and public transport. The hotel also provides an in-house wedding planner to guide couples through to their big day. While it is unclear if their kitchen is MUIS Halal-certified, it would be best for couples to discuss with Amara Singapore and make customisable arrangements if needed.

Address: 165 Tg Pagar Rd, Amara Singapore, Singapore 088539
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: ~$22,000 for 200 guests
Website: Amara Hotel Singapore

Ramada Singapore @ Zhong Shan Park

Ramada Singapore @ Zhong Shan Park
Image by Her World

Last but certainly not least, Rama Singapore is definitely one of the options couples should consider. Believe it or not, Ramada Singapore is tucked away in a park situated in the heartlands of Balestier, which makes commuting for all way easier! The price is relatively affordable as compared to luxury hotels; the package of $58++ per guest includes decoration, catering, wedding favours as well as a one-night stay at Ramada Singapore. Overall, Ramada Singapore is a perfect venue for a small, semi-alfresco garden wedding fit for all.

Address: 16 Ah Hood Rd, Singapore 329982
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: ~$11,600 for 200 guests
Website: Ramada Singapore

14 Park Locations to Host Malay Weddings

Garden weddings have become increasingly popular in the Western culture, and the rest of Asia is picking up on it too. In Singapore, garden weddings may not seem the most ideal due to the extreme humidity and uncertain weather conditions. Nevertheless, it is still a dream to some, if not many.

When one thinks about a garden wedding on this little red dot, he or she would naturally imagine places such as Gardens By The Bay or Singapore Botanical Gardens. These grand places of greenery and foliage could put a strain on a couple’s budget, especially since garden weddings would require a larger sum of money to set up a marque. However, sometimes it shouldn’t mean that couples should have to give up on their dream wedding.

In this article, we will be sharing some locations that balances out between the dream and the reality of financial constraints. Do note that most parks in Singapore does not allow live cooking due to safety reasons, but freshly catered food will work just as good too! Here is our list of 14 park venues to host Malay weddings in Singapore:

Old Married Soldiers’ Quarters

Malay Wedding Venue - Old Married Soldiers’ Quarters
Image by Crafting Happiness

Tucked away in Fort Canning Park is the Old Married Soldiers’ Quarters. This enchanted location is a single-storey building that can accommodate 40 seated guests in its indoor space, with an outdoor area of a capacity that is 10 times larger than that. There are ample power points – nine to be exact – and two power supplies of different voltages for wedding vendors to use during the event. In addition, Old Married Soldiers’ Quarters is conveniently located nearby the park’s water points, making hydration and cleanliness easy for all.

Address: Fort Canning Park, River Valley Rd, 179037
Timing: 5-hours exclusivity (1PM – 6PM)
Price: $642, venue only
Website: Old Married Soldier’s Quarters

Fort Gate

Malay Wedding Venue - Fort Gate
Image by Venues

Opposite Old Married Soldiers’ Quarters is Fort Gate, which is surrounded by majestic trees and lush foliage. This location is well suited to host a larger crowd of 600 seated guests and 2,500 standing guests for events such as concerts, parties, and even weddings! To meet the needs of bigger events, the venue space has more power points and supplies for vendors to use. Similar to Old Married Soldiers’ Quarters, guests can also expect to locate the venue easily as the entrance towards Fort Gate is opposite the YMCA building near Dhoby Ghaut MRT.

Address: Fort Canning Park, River Valley Rd, 179037
Timing: 5-hours exclusivity (1PM – 6PM)
Price: $642, venue only
Website: Fort Gate

Lawn at The Foothills

Malay Wedding Venue - Lawn at The Foothills
Image by 1-Host

Unlike the first two venues, Lawn at The Foothills is located on the other side of the park, closer to Clarke Quay and Fort Canning MRT. This event space can seat up to 500 guests and 1,000 standing guests, with extra seats on nearby swings and park benches to accommodate guests who wants to lounge around. Couples and guests will also be able to benefit from the nearby carpark which is situated within the area – an important factor when it comes to parking in CBD areas. Lawn at The Foothills also comes with a water point, power supplies as well as a restroom located just opposite the lawn.

Address: Fort Canning Park, River Valley Rd, 179037
Timing: 5-hours exclusivity (1PM – 6PM)
Price: $1,284, venue only
Website: Lawn at The Foothills

Japanese Garden

Malay Wedding Venue - Japanese Garden
Image by Judith4381

If you and your partner are crazy about Japanese culture, why not host your wedding in Singapore’s very own Japanese Garden? Currently, many parks in Singapore are managed by NP Parks, and most of them would allow booking through their website. However, for Japanese Garden, couples have to email NP Park’s point-of-contact to book a venue in the garden. Given the fact that there is only one rentable venue in Japanese Garden, it must be a popular location for weddings and other activities which would then require organised and structured planning on their end. Do note that unless your guest has a vehicle, it could be a long walk and that might not be very elderly-friendly.

Address: 1 Chinese Garden Rd, Singapore 619795
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: Undisclosed
Website: Japanese Garden

Chinese Garden

Malay Wedding Venue - Chinese Garden
Image by Mhariscott

If you and your partner are more interested in Chinese heritage instead, simply cross the white bridge at Japanese Garden and you’ll find yourself in Chinese Garden. Similar to Japanese Garden, couples are required to contact NP Park’s point-of-contact to book a venue but Chinese Garden has 10 different event spaces to choose from, many of which is able to cater to 200 guests and above. In addition, Chinese Garden is much closer to an MRT station as compared to Japanese Garden, approximately 10-minutes walk.

Address: 1 Chinese Garden Rd, Singapore 619795
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: Undisclosed
Website: Chinese Garden

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

Malay Wedding Venue - Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park
Image by The Finder Singapore

With Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, there is no clear distinction of event space when people first arrive but there are actually five areas where people can host events such as carnivals. This park is by no means a small neighbourhood garden; its smallest maximum capacity is already 800 standing guests and the largest maximum is 10,000 standing guests! Price wise, it is relatively similar to the venues in Fort Canning Park except that it is more value-for-money in terms of capacity and convenience. Out of the five spaces, I would recommend to host your wedding on the Promenade as there are flat surfaces and it reduces the cost of having to install wooden flooring.

Address: 1384 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
Timing: Full day (8AM – 11PM)
Price: ~$802.50 – ~$1,498, venue only (weekends)
Website: Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

Pasir Ris Park

Malay Wedding Venue - Pasir Ris Park
Image by mapio

A 10-minutes’ walk from Pasir Ris Bus Interchange, you can find Pasir Ris Park – a location situated right next to the well-known Downtown East. The park offers four event spaces to choose from but the one I would like to recommend is the Viewing Plaza, as seen in the picture. It has flat ground that spans over 5,000sqm, and the venue is able to accommodate 800 guests. However, when it comes to weddings, do note that cooking and warming of food using gas cylinders are not allowed in the park. Washing and rinsing of dishes are prohibited as well. Thus, this place would be better fit for a smaller guestlist as the food can be approximated and catered for instead of having live cooking.

Address: Pasir Ris Central, Singapore 510534
Timing: Full day (8AM – 11PM)
Price: $680, venue only (weekends)
Website: Pasir Ris Park

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

Malay Wedding Venue - Lower Seletar Reservoir Park
Image by Time Out

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park is a secret gem hidden away on the edge of Yishun. Within the huge park, there is one lawn available for booking and it accommodates approximately 300 guests. One of the perks, the most important perk I must add, of this venue over the other locations thus far is that space rental is completely free! People would think that it is difficult to get free space, but the lawn in this park is regularly available. Nevertheless, it is better to play safe and book the space way in advance to avoid any unnecessary changes which could result in monetary loss.

Address: Yishun Ave 1, Lower Seletar Reservoir Park, Singapore 769139
Timing: Full day (8AM – 10PM)
Price: Free, venue only
Website: Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

Admiralty Park

Malay Wedding Venue - Admiralty Park
Image by Crystal and Brian

Similar to Lower Seletar Reservoir Park, there is no booking fee for venue rentals at Admiralty Park. Yay! In addition, there are three different free-of-charge event spaces to choose from but I would recommend the Activity Plaza and the Event Lawn as these two areas are suited for large crowds of 500 to 1,000 guests. Between the two best locations, Activity Plaza would come out on top as it is closer to Woodlands MRT Station whereas Event Lawn is located on the other side of the park which would only be convenient for those traveling by car.

Address: Admiralty Road
Timing: Full day (8AM – 10PM)
Price: Free, venue only
Website: Admiralty Park

Bukit Batok Nature Park

Malay Wedding Venue - Bukit Batok Nature Park
Image by Big Life Spender

Approximately three bus stops away from Bukit Batok MRT Station, you can find this little wonder called Bukit Batok Nature Park. This park looks like another country in Singapore, with natural cliffs hanging over a long reservoir. Although the open spaces in Bukit Batok Nature Park is free-of-charge and the rental is made for the entire day, its maximum capacity is said to be very small. Nevertheless, this place would still make an ideal location for couples with a dream of an intimate garden wedding. In fact, the open spaces are snatched up quickly so hurry with the booking!

Address: Bukit Batok East Avenue 2 and Bukit Batok East Avenue 6, 659761
Timing: Full day (8AM – 11PM)
Price: Free, venue only
Website: Bukit Batok Nature Park

Woodlands Waterfront Park

Malay Wedding Venue - Woodlands Waterfront Park
Image by State of Buildings

Woodlands Waterfront Park is situated just next door to Woodlands Checkpoint, a popular landmark amongst Singaporeans. The park boasts a picturesque view of Johor Bahru, and the coastal waters of Johor Strait. Woodlands Waterfront Park offers two event spaces – Green Lawn and Central Spine, both of which has no booking fee! The lawn would be able to fit a larger crowd but it would cost more to install wooden floorings as compared the Central Spine, which already has cemented flooring to support movement. Both locations would require marque tents to be set up as well. Guests would have to travel approximately 10 minutes by bus to get to the location.

Address: 6A Admiralty Road West, Singapore 759956
Timing: Full day (8AM – 10PM)
Price: Free
Website: Woodlands Waterfront Park

Bedok Reservoir Park

Malay Wedding Venue - Bedok Reservoir Park
Image by Dreams Time

Bedok Reservoir Park is probably one of the more convenient places to travel to by train, as it is sandwiched in the middle of two MRT stations, with many other stations within close proximity as well. The location also has four different event space where couples can hold their wedding – the Floating Deck, Lawn, Reservoir Vista and Viewing Gallery. Among the four, I would recommend using the Floating Deck for a more romantic solemnisation on the water, and the Lawn to accommodate a large wedding reception. Additionally, the Floating Deck does not have a booking fee and the Lawn only costs $680 with a capacity suited for 5,000 people!

Address: Bedok Reservoir Park
Timing: Full day (8AM – 10PM)
Price: Free – $680, venue only
Website: Bedok Reservoir Park

Choa Chu Kang Park

Malay Wedding Venue - Choa Chu Kang Park
Image by JustRunLah

Another convenient park to travel to would be Choa Chu Kang Park, a walking distance from Choa Chu Kang MRT Station and located right next to Kranji Expressway. Similar to most parks up till this point of the article, its venue spaces – Amphitheatre and Event Lawn – are free of charge. Between the two areas, I would recommend using the Amphitheatre because it is closer to the three car parks and the restroom. In addition, there are flat surfaces to work with instead of grass alone. Nevertheless, the Event Lawn is still a great option to consider as well, especially if you are looking to invite a huge guestlist!

Address: Choa Chu Kang Drive, Singapore 688845
Timing: Full day (8AM – 10PM)
Price: Free, venue only
Website: Choa Chu Kang Park

Yishun Park

Malay Wedding Venue - Yishun Park
Image by The Straits Times

Last but not least, Yishun Park! Located across Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital, Yishun Park offers three different event spaces where you could host your wedding – Activity Plaza, Amphitheatre and the Multi-Purpose Centre. The best-fit venue in my opinion would be the Multi-Purpose Centre as it is the only venue that is able to accommodate a large crowd that a wedding brings. Furthermore, it is located nearby necessities such as restrooms, while also being a private space away from SAFRA Yishun Club. Do note that although it is a multi-purpose area, it only has a small shelter and most of the area is open-space so it would be highly advisable for couples to set up marques.

Address: Yishun Park
Timing: Full day (8AM – 10PM)
Price: Free, venue only
Website: Yishun Park

18 sports and country clubs for Malay weddings

Singapore’s hot and humid climate could send wedding guests scurrying to cool shelter and chugging what could be litres of cold drinks. Wet weather is not excused from complaints and inconvenience of guests either. That’s partly the reason why many Malay weddings are increasingly being held in air-conditioned venues; to keep guests perspiration-free (most of the time) and comfortable.

Why not we kick it up a notch and host our weddings in country clubs?

Country clubs memberships can come in handy when planning for the special day. These venues offer a myriad of perks, such as dining vouchers, reduced golfing rates, and more importantly, facility booking priority and discounts. In addition, country clubs tend to be more spacious than most community centres, and potentially twice the size of communal void decks – perfect for a big fat wedding.

However, despite these benefits, it is noteworthy that prices quoted by country clubs can be similar that of luxurious hotel wedding packages. Nevertheless, they are still great locations to consider for a pleasant, memorable wedding that happens only once in a lifetime. With that said, here’s our list of 18 sports and country clubs for Malay weddings:

Orchid Country Club

Orchid Country Club
Image and décor by Sentimentals

Orchid Country Club sits amidst lush flora and greenery, accompanied by a beautiful view of Seletar Reservoir. The location offers three ballrooms and several restaurants to choose from. It is noteworthy that couples have expressed that the policy on the minimum tables in any ballroom is strictly enforced, so if your guestlist is a little short, perhaps consider inviting more guests to the celebration. Another important point to consider is that it is unclear if the food served is MUIS Halal-certified, but the current packages states that it doesn’t contain pork or lard. Thus, it would be best for couples to seek clarity before committing to the package.

Address: 1 Orchid Club Road, Singapore 769162
Timing: Lunch/Dinner
Price: ~$17,160 for 200 guests, excluding decor
Website: Orchid Country Club

Sentosa Golf Club

Sentosa Golf Club
Image and décor by Sentimentals

The extensive lawn of the golf course in Sentosa Golf Club certainly makes a relaxing view for any wedding. Couples are also given a chance to host their solemnisation in the outdoors, which would make any wedding even more romantic. Afterwards, the newly weds and their guests can dine comfortably indoors. Although the in-house banquet does not serve Halal menus, couples are allowed to engage an external caterer to meet their dietary needs. An essential area for couples considering this venue would be to provide detailed routes to get to Sentosa Golf Club because Sentosa Island is relatively large and guests as well as caterers, decorators etc might face difficulty finding the location.

Address: 27 Bukit Manis Rd, 099892
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: Undisclosed
Website: Sentosa Golf Club

National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC)

National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC)
Image by IM.Perfection

Ah, something that resonates deeply with Singaporean men. NSRCC is a country club made with NSmen in mind, both full-time as well as those who have already completed the mandatory two years’ service. NSRCC’s package includes the basic necessities – Halal-certified food, round tables and chairs with basic decorations, sound systems, and complimentary parking tickets to 20% of confirmed attendance. However, do take note that NSRCC does not allow any external caterer for the event in order to protect the club’s interests. Nevertheless, I’m sure the food served will be yummy and plenty!

Address: 10 Changi Coast Walk, Singapore 499739
Timing: 4-hour esclusivity
Price: Undisclosed
Website: NSRCC

Arena Country Club

Arena Country Club
Image by Arena Country Club

Arena Country Club is one of the most affordable country clubs to host a wedding in. Their packages are set at $35-$45++ per guest, which includes the choice of having the wedding either in an indoor terrace or on an outdoor pool-deck. In addition, couples would be entitled to a one-night stay in the Arena Executive Suite. However, do note that unlike other venues, free flow of soft drinks would cost an additional $3-$5++, depending on the duration of the free flow. It would also be advisable to engage your own decorators as it would not be included in the package deal.

Address: 511 Upper Jurong Rd, Singapore 638366
Timing: 4-hour exclusivity
Price: Undisclosed
Website: Arena Country Club

Changi Golf Club

Changi Golf Club
Image by Light House at Changi Golf Club

Changi Golf Club boasts an amazing outdoor event space that comes with a spectacular view of the sea. There are two main venues for outdoor weddings in the golf club: the first one is Light House, as seen in the picture above. The second would be the Sunset Terrace. Don’t really fancy an outdoor wedding? Changi Golf Club also has indoor wedding venues to cater to small guestlists of up to 100 people. However, couples are advised to engage external vendors for food and decorations. Although guests can enjoy a romantic view of the sea, Changi Golf Club sits on the edge of Singapore and guests may face difficulty travelling to the venue.

Address: 20 Netheravon Road, 508505
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: Undisclosed
Website: Changi Golf Club

Raffles Town Club

Raffles Town Club
Image by OneThreeOneFour

Known for its quality services, Raffles Town Club makes it easy for couples all over Singapore to choose them as the wedding venue. The location also boasts a large ballroom, big enough to be able to split into three separate rooms with each having its own screen projectors as well as AV facilities. Do note that to book the entire ballroom, your guestlist would have to be a minimum of 300 people. With regards to refreshments, the club’s latest wedding package states that there is a menu option with no pork and lard, but the food is not Halal-certified. Couples can discuss further with the wedding planners for any customisations.

Address: 1 Plymouth Ave, Singapore 297753
Timing: Lunch/Dinner
Price: Undisclosed
Website: Raffles Town Club

Seletar Country Club

Seletar Country Club
Image by Nuren

This venue is perfect for any couple living in the Northeast side of Singapore. Seletar Golf Club offers a panoramic view of Lower Seletar Reservoir as you tie the knot on their popular golf course. This country club is relatively well versed in organising Malay weddings, so much so that the committee designated a point of contact specifically for Malay couples. Moreover, Seletar Country Club hosted an array of Malay wedding showcases in the past, showing that they will be well-prepared for couples coming through their doors.

Address: 101 Seletar Club Road, 798273
Timing: Lunch/Dinner
Price: ~$20,400 for 300 guests
Website: Seletar Country Club

Serangoon Garden Country Club

Seranggoon Country Club
Image by Just Being Amelia

Another budget-friendly and Muslim-friendly country club to consider would be Serangoon Garden Country Club. The venue provides a detailed package for Malay weddings, making it easy for anyone scouting for a place. Off the bat, Serangoon Garden Country Club offers optional prayer rooms, Halal-certified catering, and decorations inclusive of the pelamin all for the price of $31-$45++ per guest. However, the minimum guestlist is the highest amongst all country clubs listed thus far at 400 people. On the brighter side, you wouldn’t have to second guess who to invite and just invite everyone you know!

Address: 22 Kensington Park Rd, Singapore 557271
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: ~$18,000 for 400 guests
Website: Serangoon Garden Country Club

The Grassroots’ Club

The Grassroots’ Club
Image by SID Events

The Grassroots’ Club generally does not provide any wedding packages to choose from. Instead, the club provides venue rental packages for different occasions. Specifically, for Malay weddings, the only space available for rental would be the Multi-Purpose Hall which can accommodate up to 500 guests in a round-table seating. An 8-hour rental would cost $7,100++ and a 4-hour version would cost $5,100. Economically, the 8-hour exclusivity seems more value-for-money but do weigh out factors such as guestlist, budget etc to see if the extra $2,000++ would be worth it. Couples are also to engage their own caterers and decorators to facilitate the event.

Address: 190 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, 568046
Timing: 4-hour or 8-hour exclusivity
Price: $5,100++ or $7,100++ (venue only)
Website: The Grassroots’ Club

Aranda Country Club

Aranda Country Club
Image by Cahaya Nanie Wedding Services

Aranda Country Club sits right next to a popular destination – Downtown East, making it extremely easy for guests to navigate their way there. Although their indoor restaurant wedding packages caters to non-Muslim weddings, couples can still opt to hold their weddings on the outdoor pool deck where external caterers and decorators can conduct business without any conflict of interest. Nevertheless, it is still best to check if you will be granted any package privileges should you rent the venue and other services. On a happier note, isn’t a wedding always more romantic by the pool anyways?

Address: 60 Pasir Ris Drive 3, Singapore 519497
Timing: 4-hour exclusivity
Price: Undisclosed
Website: Aranda Country Club

HomeTeamNS Sembawang

HomeTeamNS Sembawang
Image by HomeTeamNS Sembawang

Remember the membership discounts we were talking about earlier in the article? HomeTeamNS Sembawang is one of the places that gives special rates to club members. The Multi-Purpose Room would be the best fit for a small wedding of 100-150 in-and-out guests, dining semi-alfresco. Although lavish decorations and Halal-certified caterers are not included in the package, the venue does have an in-house decorator who couples can engage personally as well as a partnership with DUITSG who couples can count on for refreshments – planning for a wedding just got a whole lot easier! Do note that there will be additional cost if set-up services is required.

Address: 301 Canberra Rd, 759774
Timing: 4-hour exclusivity
Price: $556.40 (non-members) and $428 (members), venue only
Website: HomeTeamNS Sembawang

The Chevrons

The Chevrons
Image by The Chevrons

Finally, one place in the West! Despite its address, it is a lot closer to Jurong East MRT instead of Boon Lay MRT. This country club caters to all different races in Singapore, more importantly in this context: Malay weddings. Its event spaces are relatively small, fitting up to a maximum of 120 guests in a lunch dining setting. However, perhaps couples can work closely with the hotel to figure out of rooms can be combined to accommodate larger guestlists. In addition, couples are also given the opportunity to coordinate with external decorators to bedazzle the venue. Do note that the price varies depending on the tier picked – Flexi is the basic tier, followed by Silver and Gold.

Address: 48 Boon Lay Way Singapore 609961
Timing: Lunch/Dinner
Price: ~$14,400 for 200 guests (Flexi)
Website: The Chevrons

Warren Golf and Country Club

Warren Golf and Country Club
Image by Warren Golf and Country Club

Another one in the West, yes! Warren Golf certainly provides a unique wedding package for Malay couples in Singapore; although a little pricey, do note that everything has already been taken into account! Decoration, Halal-certified catering, service staff, faux grass carpet, and even a free shuttle bus service to and from the club. Their wedding package is pretty detailed, describing terms and conditions of payments as well. Furthermore, if your guestlist extends beyond 1000 people, Warren Golf is offering a bulk discount of $38++ per person. Huge savings for large families!

Address: 81 Choa Chu Kang Way, Singapore 688263
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: ~$27,500 for 500 guests
Website: Warren Golf and Country Club

Singapore Swimming Club

If you met your partner through a swimming event, what better place to host it than Singapore Swimming Club? Although the club does not have Malay wedding packages, it has several event spaces for couples to choose from with capacity ranging between 90 to 400 guests in a round-table seating. It is a similar concept to The Grassroots’ Club, where couples get to DIY. However, Singapore Swimming Club do charge additional fees for extra services such as red carpeting, bridal changing rooms etc. They also charge for overstaying of the venue, so couples are advised to plan thoroughly and wisely to keep the budget from bursting the seams.

Address: 45 Tanjong Rhu Road, Singapore 436899
Timing: 4-hour exclusivity (lunch/dinner), 8-hour exclusivity
Price: Starting from $2,500 on a weekend or public holiday (venue only)
Website: Singapore Swimming Club

SIA Sports Club

Our final venue of the list is SIA Sports Club, which is a walking distance from Upper Changi MRT Station. Similar to some locations, this place only does venue rentals. Compared to the others, SIA Sports Club’s ballroom 12-hour exclusivity is extremely affordable; couples only need to top up $1430 to get additional 8 hours rent, which can help to eliminate expensive overstay penalties. SIA Sports Club is well-known for hosting Malay weddings for this reason, as well as giving couples the freedom to achieve their dream wedding.

Address: 726 Upper Changi Rd E, Singapore 486046
Timing: 4-hour exclusivity, 12-hour exclusivity
Price: $2,200 (Weekend: 4-hour), $3,630 (Weekend: 12-hour)
Website: SIA Sports Club

Singapore Silat Federation

Singapore Silat Federation
Image by We Are The Perfect Two

Ah, Silat. A popular sport in the Malay community. If you and your partner are silat athletes, what better place to get married than in Singapore Silat Federation. Although the booking for the venue itself may seem a little costly, it takes into account a refundable deposit as well as an additional day for venue set-up. Furthermore, the place is said to be comfortable for a capacity of 600 guests, which is more than enough for many Malay families in Singapore. It is noteworthy that while the wedding may take place indoors, ceiling fans are available and air coolers will be additional cost. The federation also does not allow live cooking on its premises, and it will be advisable for couples to engage caterers who are able to provide ready-cooked food.

Address: No 7 Bedok North St 2, #01-02/#02-01, Singapore 469646
Timing: Full day (9AM – 8PM)
Price: ~$3,000++, venue only
Website: Persisi

Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (RSYC)

Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (RSYC)
Image by RYSC

Ever dreamed about hosting your wedding by the sea? Your dream might come true at Republic of Singapore Yacht Club. The club has been in existence for almost two centuries, and they are well-known within the Yacht enthusiast community. For non-members, the biggest event space that is available will be able to accommodate up to 220 guests in a round-table seating. As for members of the club, you will be entitled to using the Foreshore, an exclusive area with a capacity of up to 600 guests. Do note that while it is unclear if they accept external caterers, it is surely a place to consider tying the knot in.

Address: 52 W Coast Ferry Rd, Republic of Singapore Yacht Club, Singapore 126887
Timing: Full day (9AM – 5PM)
Price: ~$3,000 for 220 guests, venue only
Website: RSYC

SAF Yacht Club

SAF Yacht Club
Image by HL Journey

This place may be familiar to many, as it is the venue where our third Singapore Idol Sezairi Sezali held his wedding! The SAF Yacht Club is located on the edge of Admiralty where couples can dine and enjoy a picturesque view of Malaysia just across the waters. This yacht club is also said to be one of the venues that is value for money for wedding events in particular, with additional options of having the ceremony by the pool, the pier or even a yacht.

Address: 43 Admiralty Road West, Singapore 759962
Timing: Full day (9AM – 8PM)
Price: Undisclosed
Website: SAF Yacht Club

12 Unique Locations to Host a Wedding In

It is without a doubt that tradition in Malay weddings is and has always been strictly upheld by couples and their families. The need to invite everyone in your neighbourhood, to sit on the pelamin with your partner, to have kompang march in with the bride and groom, and all that good stuff. It enables couples to show their identity and embrace the culture of the community that they belong in. One thing is for sure that the venue does not affect the tradition of a Malay wedding, and perhaps that’s where couples can find flexibility in.

Most of the time, Malay weddings in Singapore would be held in a mosque, a community centre, a hotel, a restaurant or even at the convenience of HDB void decks. However, there are so many more unique options to choose from! A venue can help you bring out the best you on your wedding day, especially if it resonates well with both you and your partner. It helps to tell a story to yourselves, your guests, and your extended family later in the future through photographs.

And if you’re an adventurous person who wants a traditional but different wedding, here’s our list of 12 unique locations in Singapore to host a wedding in:

National University of Singapore Society (NUSS)

Unique Malay Wedding Venue - National University of Singapore Society
Image by IEEE ICNP

If you and your partner locked eyes in NUS, what better place to tie the knot than where you first met! NUSS has a wedding package curated specifically for Malay weddings, and this includes some of the necessary logistics such as décor, entertainment, and wedding favours. If you are a member of NUSS, the 10% service charge will be waived off. It is unclear if catering has been included in the package, as in their other package they have included a Halal buffet menu. As such, it would be best for couples to clarify before proceeding.

Address: 9 Kent Ridge Dr, Singapore 119241
Timing: Full day (11AM –  5PM)
Price: ~$19,000 for 500 guests, ~$26,000 for 1000 guests
Website: NUSS

SMU Law School

Unique Malay Wedding Venue - SMU Law School
Image by The Straits Times

Or what if you and your partner met in Singapore Management University instead? SMU provides an array of event spaces suited for different occasions. For weddings, the best location would have to be the SMU Hall located in the School of Law. Although the venue can be a little pricey, it is able to accommodate up to 700 people at any one time, and just behind the building is Fort Canning Park – the perfect place to host your wedding photoshoot with bridesmaids and groomsmen. However, do note that the booking is subjected to the management’s reviewal and approval. As such, it is advisable that couples secure the location first before confirming with caterers and decorators.

Address: 55 Armenian Street, Singapore 179943
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: ~$1,600++, venue only
Website: Singapore Management University

Singapore Poly Graduates’ Guild

Unique Malay Wedding Venue - Singapore Poly Graduates’ Guild
Image and décor by Sentimentals

Or.. what if you both met in Singapore Polytechnic instead? Singapore Polytechnic Graduates’ Guild offers a Function Hall for graduates to host their weddings in. Although they have not stated the capacity of the room, guests can be expected to be seated comfortably in a cool environment, and couples can expect to have spaciousness around the dais, depending on the guestlist. In addition, SPGG have curated wedding packages especially for Malay weddings but they are only given upon request.

Address: 1010 Dover Rd, 139658
Timing: Full day (9AM – 10PM)
Price: $214 for first 4 hours, $53.50 for every subsequent hour
Website: SPGG

Singapore Zoo

Unique Malay Wedding Venue - Singapore Zoo
Image by The Wedding Vow

If you dream has always been similar to that of Steve Irwin’s, hosting your wedding in Singapore Zoo would be something amazing to remember. Among all the event spaces in the zoo, the Forest Lodge comes out on top as it is an air-conditioned place filled with safari ambience. The space is able to accommodate up to 220 guests in a round-table seating at any one time, which could probably cater up to 260 people in an in-and-out buffet fashion. It is unclear if the zoo will allow external caterers and decorators, so it is advisable for couples to clarify with the zoo management before proceeding.

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, 729826
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: Undisclosed
Website: Singapore Zoo

Jurong Bird Park

Unique Malay Wedding Venue - Jurong Bird Park
Image by Nuren

Bird lovers, unite! Celebrate your wedding in Jurong Bird Park, Asia’s largest bird paradise. In this bird heaven, one particular event space you should consider hosting your wedding in is the Lakeview Room, which literally has a stunning view of the Flamingo Lake. The room has a capacity of about 260 guests in a round-table seating at any one time, which could translate into 300 guests in an in-and-out fashion. Guests can also expect to enjoy the view in an environment kept cool by air-conditioners, away from Singapore’s humidity. Similar to Singapore Zoo, it is unclear if external caterers and decorators will be allowed.

Address: 2 Jurong Hill, Singapore 628925
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: Undisclosed
Website: Jurong Bird Park

Faber Peak Singapore

Unique Malay Wedding Venue - Faber Peak Singapore
Image by Bride Story

Faber Peak Singapore is the country’s only hilltop wedding destination suited best for small weddings. Wedding packages online may seem like the location does not provide Halal-certified menus, but they do! Among the three event venues found in Faber Peak, the Ballroom seems to be the best option for Malay weddings as it has the largest capacity of 200 people. On top of that, couples can choose to hold their solemnisation alfresco-style in Faber Peak’s garden. Dreamy and classy, all rolled into one venue!

Address: 109 Mount Faber Road, Singapore 099203
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: Undisclosed
Website: One Faber Group

The Star Performing Arts Centre

Unique Malay Wedding Venue - The Star Performing Arts Centre
Image by The Star Performing Arts Centre

The first thing that people would think of when someone says The Star Performing Arts Centre would probably be concerts (I went for the Ed Sheeran concert there!). Now we know that there’s more to the place than meets the eye. The Star Gallery is the perfect fit for a big fat Malay wedding because it can accommodate up to 400 guests at any one time, which translates into 450-500 guests in an in-and-out buffet style reception. Do note that The Star only provides the venue, tables and chairs, and the audio system. Decorators have to be outsourced, couples have to choose from their appointed list of caterers.

Address: 1 Vista Exchange Green, #04-01, Singapore 138617
Timing: 4-hours exclusivity, extendable with charge
Price: Undisclosed
Website: The Star Performing Arts Centre

Our Tampines Hub

Unique Malay Wedding Venue - Our Tampines Hub
Image by Our Tampines Hub

Who would’ve thought one of Singapore’s recent sports and lifestyle destination will be able to accommodate a wedding, let alone a huge one. As soon as they first opened their doors, Our Tampines Hub advertised their Central Plaza as a grand venue for Malay weddings, big or small. Although $4,000 may seem like a huge sum, it is able to accommodate up to 1000 guests in an in-and-out buffet setting. It also takes into account a $2000, which is refundable after the event. Caterers and decorators have to be outsourced individually. Do note that $100 admin fee is required to organise the event.

Address: 1 Tampines Walk, Singapore 528523
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: $4000, venue only
Website: Our Tampines Hub


Unique Malay Wedding Venue - D’Resort
Image by Family Staycation SG

Commonly known for staycation, its about time D’Resort becomes more known for weddings too! Out of all the venues I have written about thus far, D’Resort takes the cake for having the most number of event spaces for weddings of 11 different spaces. Taking into consideration how big Malay weddings tend to be, couples can consider booking Aster for 360 people in a round-table seating. If the wedding is expected to be perhaps two times of that, couples can opt for the D’Marquee instead – the iconic tent in Downtown East that serves up to 860 people in a round-table seating. With the in-house planners in D’Resort, they will be able to curate a personalised planned for any Malay wedding.

Address: 1 Pasir Ris Cl, D’Resort @ Downtown East, Singapore 519599
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: Undisclosed
Website: D’Resort


Unique Malay Wedding Venue - Gardenasia
Image by OneThreeOneFour

Gardenasia is possibly one of the largest gardens in Singapore, besides Singapore Botanical Gardens. What makes them different to other parks and gardens is that they are specially dedicated to holding events such as seminars, workshops, and weddings of course! Out of all the venues listed on their page, the Kranji Loft seems to be more suitable for Malay weddings as it can accommodate up to 300 people in a round-table seating. Worried about catering? Don’t worry, Gardenasia has Halal-certified catering partners that will take care of your dietary needs. In fact, Gardenasia has their very own in-house wedding planners to help you out.

Address: 240 Neo Tiew Cres, Singapore 718898
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: Undisclosed
Website: Gardenasia

Changi Cove

Unique Malay Wedding Venue - Changi Cove
Image by Changi Cove

Changi Cove simple screams rustic elegance. Its auditorium ­­is said to be able to host up to 250 guests in a long-table setting. Couples and guests can enjoy a lush, green view of the surrounding foliage. However, do note that Changi Cove is relatively far from Changi Airport MRT Station – the nearest one there is. It would be highly advisable for couples to engage a shuttle service to transport guests to and from the train station to ease their convenience.

Address: 351 Cranwell Rd, Changi Cove, Singapore 509866
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: Undisclosed
Website: Changi Cove

MINT Museum of Toys

Unique Malay Wedding Venue - MINT Museum of Toys
Image by Venuerific

Last but not least, MINT Museum of Toys! The MINT Museum of Toys houses a world-class collection of vintage toys, which will definitely resonate with your inner kid self. Located just opposite Raffles Hotel, who would’ve known the shophouse museum host weddings too. Although the capacity for the wedding is said to be up to 100 guests, it is best suited for couples with small families or couples who want a simple yet intimate wedding reception. With regards to refreshments and décor, it will be best for couples to contact the museum directly to ensure both parties are on the same page before proceeding.

Address: 26 Seah St, Singapore 188382
Timing: Undisclosed
Price: Undisclosed
Website: MINT Museum of Toys

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