Wedding planner charged with cheating



JOHOR BARU, Dec 17 — Owner of bridal company “Zurin Jundi” was charged again in the Magistrate’s Court here today with cheating another client of RM5,000.

However, Zurina Ahmad Zundi, 34, pleaded not guilty to the charge before Magistrate Mohd Azlan Shah Mohd Allias.


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She was charged with dishonestly inducing Erhana Nur Asyariqah Saidon, 25, to bank-in RM5,000 into her (Zurina) CIMB account by offering a cheap wedding package.

The offence was allegedly committed in March this year at a house in Jalan Jasa 7, Taman Mutiara Rini, Skudai here.

Zurina , unrepresented, was charged under Section 420 of the Penal Code which provides an imprisonment for up to 10 years and with whipping, and is also liable to fine, if found guilty.

Mohd Azlan Shah set bail at RM5,000 in one surety and fixed Jan 10 next year for mention.

Deputy public prosecutor Muhammad Mohd Nasir prosecuted. — Bernama

Ubinites and boatmen help make unusual wedding bash a reality



SINGAPORE — It was one of the most unusual requests that the boatmen plying the waters between Changi and Pulau Ubin have ever gotten: Over several hours, they must ferry more than a hundred wedding guests, many of whom came from faraway lands and have never set foot on Pulau Ubin, to the island.

It took about 10 to 15 trips in all – each bumboat can take up to a dozen passengers – with several boatmen helping out. Others on the island, including van drivers and restaurant owners, were mobilised too for the wedding of artist Terence Tan, 37, and his Australian wife, which took place on Jan 28.

Professing a love for the rustic life on Ubin, Mr Tan, founder and executive director of social enterprise Artsolute, said the chance to hold the wedding someplace “off-the-beaten track” came about by chance last year, when an Ubin resident called Ah Kok had offered to his house to hold the wedding celebrations. In the weeks after, the event quickly became the “talk of the town” among the Ubinites and the boatmen, who till today could not believe he managed to pull the wedding off.

Mr Kit Kau Chye, a 70-year-old boat operator who heads the Changi Point Ferry Association, recalled: “(When Mr Tan first broached the request with the boatmen), everyone was quite puzzled because it’s not common for people to organise their wedding on Ubin, so it was something quite unusual.”


Mr Tan noted that even as wedding preparations were underway, many were sceptical and initially thought “it was a joke”.

When the big day arrived, the sleepy island – which is currently inhabited by fewer than 40 residents – was transformed into a flurry of activity with a big wedding bash being held there, possibly in recent years.

To the amusement of the Ubin residents, who were also invited to the wedding, some 120 wedding guests turned up, comprising a mix of nationalities with people from Singapore, Australia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Japan, South Korea, India, and the United Kingdom.

A no-frills wedding ceremony, where the couple exchanged vows and their rings, was held by the sea. The area was decorated with sprigs of baby’s breath, candles, ribbons and colourful bunting.

Later, a tea ceremony and the cutting of the wedding cake took place at an Ubinite’s house, near the famous Ah Ma Drink Stall on the south side of Ubin. The party continued into the night, accompanied by the soundtrack of Chinese oldies, ethnic Malay music which played out on speakers powered by generators.

The wedding would not have been possible without the generosity and warmth of the Ubinites.

Mr Tan had gotten to know Ah Kok and his family a decade ago on a television shoot. Subsequently, he was invited by the Singapore Heritage Society to do volunteer work on Pulau Ubin, which involved getting to know the island’s residents, doing portraits of them and collecting their stories.

Mr Tan had met his wife in 2013 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. She was traveling in Southeast Asia to learn puppetry, and had volunteered for a youth puppet arts education programme which he was leading, after she had heard about it through a friend.

The couple jumped at the idea of holding their wedding on Pulau Ubin as it was also economical, even though they had the uphill task of getting everything ready within three to four months.

As he had not heard of anyone holding a wedding on the island in this day and age, they “couldn’t exactly get a wedding planner”, said Mr Tan, who noted that planning the big day themselves made it “much more authentic”.

Among other things, he had to negotiate the costs for the catering of the food for example, and there was a lot haggling and working things out from scratch as there was no template or precedence to speak of.

There was also a lot uncertainty, with the wedding coinciding with the rainy season, and the couple could not be sure how many guests would turn up or what time they would arrive. As a result, they had to reassure the van owners and boat operators that things would work out, Mr Tan recalled.

The zi char (cooked food) restaurant on Pulau Ubin catered the food while chairs were borrowed from the temple. Guests were free to don casual attire to beat the humid weather, and some showed up in sarongs, for example.

Some friends were stationed at the Changi Point Ferry Terminal and the Ubin jetty to hold up a picture of him and his wife, and to help direct guests to the party venue. During the dinner, the Ubinites reminisced and traded stories about weddings held on the island in the distant past.

Mr Tan recalled that because of a flight delay, a guest had to come to the island straight from the airport. As he was the latest to arrive at 10pm that day, a boat trip had to specially arranged for him at the last minute.

“That’s what made (holding the wedding at) Ubin very easy because everyone was so nice… As long as you needed help, someone will help you,” said Mr Tan.

He said the experience has brought him and the Ubinites “closer together” and helped them strike up a kinship.

For Mr Tan, Pulau Ubin offers a respite and change of pace from the stressful city life.

“It’s a culture that is familiar to me even though I wasn’t born in a kampung… The second you step in, seeing (people of different ethnicities and nationalities working together) … This is precisely what our forefathers talked about…That is the lifestyle I am trying to protect,” he said.

He has since been invited back to Pulau Ubin for steamboat during the recent Chinese New Year festivities. In appreciation of the Ubinites’ hospitality, he gave hongbaos and oranges to the villagers and the businesses.

Adding that some of his friends have expressed interest in holding their weddings on Pulau Ubin as well, he said with a laugh: “I hope we’ve started a trend… Hopefully another brave soul will turn up and do the same!”

5,000 Fattzura buffs at wedding

CELEBRITY couple Fattah Amin and Nur Fazura Sharifuddin (pic) kept their promise and shared their wedding with fans by holding a reception at Royale Palace in Shah Alam on Sunday, Harian Metro reported.

On March 8, the couple extended the invitation through their Instagram accounts.

The reception was held in two sessions – the first for their close friends, sponsors and VIPs, and the second for fans.

From 2pm to 4pm, more than 5,000 fans attended the event.

The couple, popularly known as Fattzura, surprised fans by singing the song Cinderella, from the soundtrack of drama series Hero Seorang Cinderella, the drama on which they grew close while working together.


> Obsessed with Japanese cartoon characters Doraemon and Hello Kitty, a couple decided to have a themed wedding, Harian Metro reported.

Nur Sakeena Kamarol Zaman, 24, and her husband Saiful Nizam Hassan, 35, are both avid fans and searched high and low for a wedding planner who could help make their dream wedding a reality.

“We spent around RM10,000 for the dais, apart from buying Doraemon and Hello Kitty accessories for the wedding,” Nur Sakeena said.

“We were excited because everyone who attended took pictures and recorded videos,” she said.

The couple has also decided to decorate their home with the same theme.


> It was a new experience for youths who took part in a trench fishing competition in Sabak Bernam, Sinar Harian reported.

Called menggagau ikan in Malay, the event required each participant to catch a fish with their bare hands within 10 minutes and hand it to the judges.

Sabak Bernam official Sallehuddin Mohd Iskan released 80 snakehead fish and catfish into the trench to launch the event.

“I hope that through such programmes, this activity will not be forgotten by the younger generation,” he said.


The above articles are compiled from the vernacular newspapers (Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Tamil dailies). As such, stories are grouped according to the respective language/medium. Where a paragraph begins with a >, it denotes a separate news item.


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